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Old and New Archaeological Museum: In the old building of Mytilene museum you can see important artefacts (pottery, coins, mosaics, etc.) while the new museum accommodates an exhibition on the everyday habits of the island residents, from the 7th century to the Roman period. 
Old Museum - Address: 7, Arg. Eftalioti Street, Mytilene, New Museum - Address: Ogdois Noembriou Street, Mytilene. 

Theophilos Museum: Self-taught painter, Theophilos Hatzimihail, is the main representative of 20th century Greek folk art painting. The museum, founded by famous art critic Stratis Eleftheriadis, includes 86 of his paintings. 
Address: Vareia, Mytilene

Eleftheriadis (Tériade) Modern Art Museum - Library: A true gem-museum, it includes an excellent exhibition of the so-called “Great Books”, original works of art, numbered and signed by each one of the artists, with whom famous art critic Stratis Eleftheriadis worked with. In the museum halls, you will also see works by famous foreign and Greek artists, medieval manuscript copies and paintings by Greek artists such as Theophilos, Tsarouchis, Kanellis, Rorris and others. 
Address: Vareia, Mytilene. Tel: +30 22510 23372

Municipal Art Gallery: The Municipal Art Gallery is housed in Halim Bey's old three-storey mansion, in the area of Epano Skala. It has one of the most important collection of works, signed by artists such as Tsarouchis, Gounaropoulos, Protopatsis, Picasso, Moralis, Fassianos, Botsoglou, etc. 
Tel.: +30 22510 48002

Giorgos Iakovidis Digital Museum: One of its kind, this original Museum at Hidyra of Lesvos - the painter's home town - is the first fully Digital Art Museum in Greece, highlighting the life and work of the great Greek painter, through a wide range of digital screening and interactive systems.