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Expo Aegean: Many events and exhibitions feature in the cultural life of Mytilene, with various concerts and shows held on many spots of the island, all year round.  Do not miss in summer 2015, the great commercial, tourism and cultural fair Expo Aegean, held for the third year in the port of Mytilene. 

The feast of Panagia Petra: A 40m high, steep rock, crowned by a strange building emerges in the middles of the valley, near the village of Petra, on the north side of the island. It is worth climbing the 114 steps leading to the church of Panagia Glykofilousa in Petra, a very special church with an amazing view, that attracts many pilgrims in the day of the Assumption, on 15 August every year. 

The Sardin Festival: The typical festival to honour fishermen is held every summer, in early August in the municipality of Geras of Lesvos, at the cove of Pyrgon Mesagrou. Traditional dance, good cheer and summer mood complete the festive atmosphere. 

Ouzo Festival: held in the second half of July, it is believed that the tradition to make anisette was founded exactly on Lesbos. Today, this drink is popular in many regions of Greece. In Epano Scala located not far from Mitilini, the locals annually celebrate a beautiful holiday dedicated to their traditional drink. Water or ice is usually added to it. Now, anisette is added to many interesting cocktails